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About us

Aseyer Electric Technology Nanjing Co. Ltd. is devoted to professional condenser microphone manufacturing. We make capsules with our proprietary design and series of microphones with these capsules. We own the intellectual property right to our products independently.

Aseyer Electric Technology Nanjing Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997 with the name Nanjing Electroacoustical Institution. Since then, our R&D team has being focused on the research of the latest sound pick-up and transducer system. During those ten plus years, we have worked with Nanjing University, Nanjing Northeast University and some other related institution successively in the professional electro acoustical field. We have done depth research on the related subjects with them. With years of accumulation of knowledge and experience, we have developed the largest capsule you can currently find.

Our capsule design is different from the well known Neumann's K-47(center terminated) and AKG's CK-12(edge terminated). Our large diaphragm capsule is 1.4 inch with single diaphragm design, it has remarkably improved sensitivity and S/N ratio. And we are the first one to come up with the concept that the distortion of the sound from a condenser microphone is because of the S-shaped twist of the diaphragm caused by uneven tension, and have found the perfect solution. Compared to traditional condenser microphones, our products have better acoustic performance, and we have solved the humidity caused problem on the performance of traditional condenser microphones. We are proud to say that our microphone will no longer crackle under humid circumstances.

Since our capsules and the D- & L- series of microphones came into market, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks from our customers. Their steady quality and the remarkable performance within the price range have bring us trust and favor from our customers.

We will never stop working on making microphones with better quality. And we would like to work together with those who have the same vision to create more miracles in the pro-audio world.

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