L36 Series/L36B

Professional Condenser microphone

With a super-large (1.4 in. diameter), super-thin 2 um diaphragm made of nickel, the pressure & pressure-gradient combined design, and its top-notch low noise Field Effect Transistor amplifying circuitry, L36B gives you a sound that is rich in lower frequency, full in the middle, and vibrant in higher frequency. With our exclusive anti-humidity design, L36B brings you wonderful experience regardless of the environmental influences.

Nested in an elegant mahogany case, with matching high quality shock mount and double shield audio cable, L36B re-defines the standard for high-end professional condenser microphones. We issued L36B as a limited edition, and it's definitely worth a lot more than it costs.

36mm (1.4 inch) capsule size

Transformer output with low impedance

Maximum signal linearity with class A circuit

Linearity, neutral sound and wide dynamic range

>>    Super-large, 2um nickel diaphragm, pressure & pressure gradient combined capsule, redefined industry standard for high-end professional microphones;

>>    Very high sensitivity and S/N ratio, meets all kinds of recording needs;

>>     Latest structuring process, complete- ly get rid of the damage that humi- dity does to the microphone;

>>     Life long  no spark guarantee ;

>>     Ideal for professional studios and home studios;

Type:1.4-inch diaphragm condenser microphone

Frequency response range:20Hz~20kHz (+/- 1.5dB)


Sound/noise ratio:100dB

Polar pattern:cardioid, 200-4kHz: 0~180, +/-20dB

Equivalent noise level:11dB

Maximum Sound Press Level:138dB

Dynamic range:134dB

Output impedance:100Ω

Microphone net weight:0.6kg

Dimension:60(D)*180(L) mm

Power requirement:48v (phantom)