D36 Series/D36A

Super-large diaphragm professional tube condenser microphone

This 1.4 inch large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone has 4um pure aluminum diaphragm with pressure & pressure gradient design, the low self noise and distortion level plus wide dynamic range brings out its incomparable character. Dual tube amplifying circuit makes it sounds warm and transparent. It has a wider frequency response range due to its transformer-less design. Our proprietary anti-humidity technology guarantees its flawless performance under complicated environmental conditions, makes your recording session an enjoyable experience. Plus the highly cost efficient within the price range, everything makes this tube condenser microphone one of a kind.

Capsule size: 36mm(1.4 inch)

Circuit: duel tube pure class A design

Output format: transformer-less output

Design style:  low noise, super-linear, wide dynamic range

>>    Super large diaphragm

>>    Dual-tube amplifying circuit

>>    High S/N ratio, low distortion

Type:1.4-inch large diaphragm tube condenser microphone

Frequency response range:20Hz~20kHz


Sound/noise ratio:110dB

Polar pattern:cardioid

Maximum Sound Press Level:130dB

Output impedance:<200Ω

Microphone net weight:0.55kg

Dimension:50.5(D)*206(L) mm