D18 Series/D18P

Hand-held condenser microphone

This microphone has a capsule with 0.7 inch 4um pure aluminum diaphragm. The capsule is made with pressure & pressure gradient combined design. The hand-held feature makes it easy to use both in home-recording and online karaoke competing. With its low noise, wide dynamic range Field Effect Transistor amplifying circuitry design, and moderate attenuation at low frequency, the hand-held noise and near field effect are under control, which doubles the pleasure of the user.

The unique anti-humidity design makes recording with D18P a very enjoyable experience regardless of the complication of the environment.

0.7 inch capsule

Transformer output with low impedance

Pure class A circuit

Low self-noise and neutral sound

>>    Unique shock reduce device for the capsule, eliminates the hand-held noise and environmental noise;

>>    Highly effective polar pattern, high S/N ratio, low distortion, super-linear;

>>    Best for : home studios, online karaoke, KTV;

Type:0.7-inch diaphragm condenser microphone

Frequency response range:20Hz~20kHz (+/-3dB )


Sound/noise ratio:80dB

Polar pattern:cardioid, 200-4kHz: 0~180, +/-20dB

Equivalent noise level:26dB

Maximum Sound Press Level:138dB

Dynamic range:110dB

Output impedance:600Ω

Microphone net weight:0.2kg


Power requirement:48v (phantom) 9v Battery power supply (optional)