ASEYER 36mm (1.4inch) condenser microphone capsule

After more ten years of research and experiments, Aseyer has developed capsules with the unique structure. This structure is different from the well know Neumann's K-47 (center terminated) and AKG's CK-12(edge terminated). The CRZ22 and CRZ24 are currently the largest diaphragm size available and they have improved sensitivity and S/N ratio, bring the acoustic performance into a whole new level.

Most importantly, the innovative design of the capsule has made it possible to eliminate influence from humidity to condenser microphones, and has completely got rid of the crackling phenomenon.

Microphones with our 36mm capsules have both the warm and transparent feel of ribbon microphones and the wide dynamic range and the broader frequency response range of condenser microphones. It's a perfect combination of the two.

>>    humidity resistant, no crackling guarantee

>>    super large 2/4um nickel diaphragm

>>    high S/N ratio

>>    Bright, transparent with great details